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World percussion for dancing, including ceremonial sessions from Africa, Cuba, and Haiti.
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At last, a drumming album for dancers! Drawing from the great drumming traditions of Africa, Cuba, and Haiti, Bakongo offers eight exciting compositions, each one a testament to the power and magic of ceremonial drum music.

Songs feature a variety of both hand and stick drumming styles, plus call-and-response vocals. Instruments include congas, barrel drums, talking drums, frame drums, gankogui and atoke (iron bells), shekere, and axatse (gourd rattles).

Bakongo is the only drumming album created exclusively for dance accompaniment. Led by Geoff Johns, the master drummer on Drum!

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Contents Digital Audio (58 minutes)
Product Code MM00335W
ISBN Number 978-1-62203-276-1
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Geoff Johns

About Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns (1959–2013) was a professional drummer, master teacher, and cross-cultural percussionist, originally teaching in Boulder, Colorado, as an instructor at the Naropa Institute. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, Geoff continued to play professionally. As a Washington State Arts Commission artist-in-residence, Geoff taught students of all ages throughout Washington State, and locally in Seattle and on Vashon Island. Geoff had studied and taught with many master drummers from Latin America, Africa, and Bali. He was the leader of the Bakongo! drum ensemble. He was a gifted and beloved teacher. He passed away in the spring of 2013, but his love of music and joyful, inspired teachings live on in the lives of every student he touched, and in his recordings.