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When was the last time you were stopped dead in your tracks, dumbstruck by your experience? When you walked away from that moment, what did you take away from it? And do you still hold that certain something in you, allowing it to spark and ignite other experiences of awe? 

For Jason Silva, to be human is to have a taste for peak experiences, flow states, and mind-altering awe. Jason invites you to join him in becoming a “wonder junkie”—someone who not only appreciates the glory available in the everyday but who also seeks out awe as a personal path.

In Becoming Awestruck, Jason guides you through 11 chapters of video teachings, prompts for journaling and introspection, and his signature “Shots of Awe”—free-form video presentations from Jason introducing you to mind-opening new concepts and directing you toward your own definitions of the sublime.

Including two LIVE Q&A sessions, Becoming Awestruck is a course that demonstrates how to live life fully in touch with your senses and completely open to each new experience. If you feel apathetic, listless, or burned out—as if you’ve lost touch with the sense of wonderment you had as a child—Becoming Awestruck can get you back onto the path toward a life of joy and inspiration.

Becoming Awestruck Includes

Chapter One: Welcome to Becoming Awestruck

In this introductory chapter, Jason shows how to embark on a journey in search of wonderment. 

  • Full overview of the structure and philosophy of the course
  • Advice on how to soften into a learning mindset

Chapter Two: Live Q&A

Join Jason and your fellow students for two LIVE Q&A sessions on October 28 and November 4, 2021, where you can ask Jason your most burning questions about the many routes to wonderment and where you might start the journey.

Chapter Three: The Human Condition

What does it mean to be a living being? Here, Jason guides you in contemplations about the glory of simply existing. This includes: 

  • Moving from a “map” mentality to a “compass” mentality as a means of directing your life
  • The spiritual and moral value of contemplating death and mortality
  • Featuring “Shot of Awe: The Three Mexican Deaths”

Chapter Four: Find Your Flow

We’ve all experienced “flow states”—moments in which our actions occur without conscious thought and to the best of our abilities. Jason shows you how to cultivate and appreciate these effortless opportunities. Explore:

  • How to befriend your inner critic
  • How your self-awareness and environment can help you achieve flow
  • Featuring “Shot of Awe: To Be in Flow”

Chapter Five: Find Your Passion

It can be surprisingly difficult to discover what we’re truly passionate about. Here, Jason will lead you toward finding that which most animates you. Discover:

  • Why cultivating a sense of playfulness can be the best antidote to a challenge
  • How your curiosity will be your guide toward what you love
  • Featuring “Shot of Awe: Relax to Find Your Passion”

Chapter Six: Find Your Voice

What is it that you want to tell the world—and why? Explore how claiming your unique voice will not only help you speak up, but also speak your truth. Including:

  • How to get out of your own way
  • Why exploring modes of communication outside your comfort zone helps hone your voice
  • Featuring “Shot of Awe: Find Your Voice, Reveal Yourself”

Chapter Seven: Find Your Awe

Awe is Jason’s favorite positive emotion. Here, he will show you how to find the truly mind-meltingly awesome, even in moments that we might otherwise dismiss as everyday or mundane.

  • “Shot of Awe: Go There to Know There”
  • How experiences of sublime awe can transport you beyond the self
  • Ecstatic technologies and plant medicines as slingshots into awe

Chapter Eight: Find and Design Your World

Our inner environment is inextricably connected with our outer one. Here, Jason reveals how to choose the people, places, and behaviors that encourage your journey toward awe. This includes:

  • How intentional boundaries open up opportunities for awe
  • Choosing the physical and social environments that nourish you
  • Featuring “Shot of Awe: The Agency to Shape Your World”

Chapter Nine: Find Knowledge That Heals

The road to awe will lead you to many amazing places—perhaps most importantly, your own body. When you seek knowledge and learning that nourish you physically, you open yourself to more expansive and wondrous experiences. Discover:

  • How to mentally reframe trauma to change how it expresses in the body
  • The potential of psychedelic-enhanced therapy to clarify your perceptions
  • Featuring “Shot of Awe: Inverse PTSD”

Chapter Ten: Find Your Here and Now

When we’re focused on the past or future, we often miss the bevy of wonders that are right before us. Here, Jason shows how to anchor yourself in the present and recognize the beauty already available to you. Explore:

  • How to hone your “sense of noticing” about your environment
  • How to sidestep cynicism and jadedness, which blunt your senses
  • Featuring “Shot of Awe: Anxiety Explained”

Chapter Eleven: Thank You (a Wrap-Up)

In this epilogue, Jason shares his hopes for the future and offers a vision of what a fully engaged, awe-seeking life might look like. This includes:

  • A short reflection on awesome experiences
  • How you can hold on to your state of awe
  • What it means to live through the lens of awe
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