Conscious Love: The Power of Revelation

A Dialogue Between A.H. Almaas and Cynthia Bourgeault Hosted by Sounds True founder Tami Simon
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Explore sacred relationships as a path to transformation and realization.
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Just as we need a mirror to see our own face, there are aspects of our true self that we can only come to know when they are reflected to us by another. Now you can experience two exceptional spiritual teachers as they engage in a dialogue about the power of sacred relationship as a vehicle for discovery and transformation with Conscious Love: The Power of Revelation.

A.H. Almaas, creator of The Diamond Approach, and Cynthia Bourgeault, an Episcopalian priest and author of Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening, meet for the first time to explore how certain forms of human relationship can function as conduits to the secrets of Being. Join them to explore:

  • What happens when spiritual illumination is the basis of a relationship
  • How love pulls us into the intrinsic, underlying collectivity beyond our perceived separateness
  • Union: how two souls become one in conscious love
  • How relationships can both express illumination and reveal further awakening
  • Intimacy and unity in friendships, teacher-student relationships, and marriages
  • Uncovering selfless, unconditional, divine love
  • Invoking divine presence within our relationships and communities

Expanding on the teaching that “two rocks cannot occupy the same space, but two fragrances can,” Almaas and Bourgeault explore how we can be like fragrances rather than rocks—and experience the subtle, luminous space of union with another. Almaas and Bourgeault guide us into the state of consciousness beyond separateness, an underlying union unlimited by the boundaries of space and time.

Hosted by Sounds True founder Tami Simon, this one-of-a-kind dialogue encourages us to look deeply into our own hearts—and step further into conscious loving as the illuminating force of spiritual realization and transformation.

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A.H. Almaas

About A.H. Almaas

A.H. Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali who has written more than 14 books including his most recent The Unfolding Now. In 1976, he founded the Ridhwan School, an organization with members in North America, Europe, and Australia that is dedicated to promoting the Diamond Approach®. Almaas resides in the San Francisco Bay area.

Cynthia Bourgeault

About Cynthia Bourgeault

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