Dare to Feel

The Transformational Path of the Heart
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Explore the language of openhearted feeling to live as your full embodied self and access the most powerful parts of your life.

“Most of us weren’t taught how to feel—in fact, we were taught not to feel,” says author and spiritual teacher Alexandra Roxo. “The more we try to control or retreat from feeling, the more we shrink away from some of the greatest parts of being a human: crying, laughing, creating, taking risks, and loving.”

Dare to Feel explores the language of feeling and heart-opening as a transformational path, showing you that the key to connecting with yourself, others, and the world is turning toward feelings you once avoided. Through personal stories, poems, rituals, and reflective exercises, Alexandra explains how to start tapping into your spectrum of feeling in a safe and loving way. You’ll learn how you were conditioned to close down in the first place and why you continue. Then you’ll go on a journey of opening and feeling exploration—and discover how to engage with tough emotions like shame, pity, grief, and regret. As you see how the loving threads of your life intertwine, your heart will expand in ways you haven’t known since childhood.

It takes courage to shed our armor—to stop checking out, overthinking, grabbing for phones, or running for the door. Yet the effort is worth it. “It is when you dare to feel, even when it hurts, that you open the heart and soul,” says Alexandra. “You become the sculptor of your reality and free yourself to experience all your life can be.”
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Audio - Preorder (Available January 16, 2024)
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Alexandra Roxo

About Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra Roxo is a writer, artist, and cofounder of the online community and ritual program Radical Awakenings. Her writing on the intersection of spirituality, sexuality, and healing has been featured in Girlboss, Teen Vogue, mindbodygreen, and more. Her artistic works that explore healing the modern female narrative have been viewed by millions and are available via Vice, Amazon, and Ora TV. She has been featured in the New York Times, Playboy, the Guardian, and Nylon magazine for her raw and sensual approach to healing and wellness. She has also been named a modern spiritual leader by Well+Good. She currently lives in Los Angeles. For more, visit alexandraroxo.com.

Author photo © Caitlin Mitchell