Dream Wise

Unlocking the Meaning of Your Dreams
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The hosts of the podcast This Jungian Life present a systematic and comprehensive method for understanding the messages of our dreams. 

Beyond the veil of sleep lies a world of mythic images, improbable encounters, and strange beauty. Dreams carry messages about our past, present, or future—but how can we develop the skill to decipher their deeper meaning? With Dream Wise, the hosts of the widely respected podcast This Jungian Life present an unprecedented resource, translating C. G. Jung’s brilliant insights into a practical, self-guided method for excavating the hidden wisdom of your dreams.

Authors Lisa Marchiano, Deborah Stewart, and Joseph Lee identify ten keys for diving into the rich territory of your dreamworld—offering guidance for effective journaling, understanding archetypes, exploring the shadow, and much more. As you progress through each chapter, these experienced analysts share their most effective insights and practices to help you improve your dream recall, become fluent in your psyche’s symbolic language, and harness the extraordinary intelligence of your dreams to inform and transform your waking life.

“Our dreams attest to an order of being that transcends the limits of materiality,” say the authors.

“They are the path back to a primordial connection with nature, nonrational ways of knowing, and connection with the numinous Self that Jung called ‘the god within.’” The doorways of imagination are waiting for you—with Dream Wise, you have the keys to explore their limitless possibilities.

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Audio - Preorder (Available November 12, 2024)
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Lisa Marchiano

About Lisa Marchiano

Lisa Marchiano, LCSW, is a Jungian analyst, author, and podcaster. Her writings have appeared in many publications. She is the cohost and cocreator of the popular depth psychology podcast This Jungian Life and is the author of Motherhood. Lisa is on the faculty of C.G. Jung Institute of Philadelphia, and she lectures and teaches widely. She lives and practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Author photo © Ashley Smith

Deborah Stewart

About Deborah Stewart

Deborah Stewart in a private practice as Jungian analysts. Deb is director of admissions of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. Learn more  at thisjungianlife.com.

Author photo © Jeremy Scott

Joseph Lee

About Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee is in a private practice as a Jungian analyst. Joseph is the immediate past president of the C. G. Jung Institute of Philadelphia and has lectured, given workshops, and led retreats. Learn more: thisjungianlife.com.

Author photo © Jeremy Scott