Eres la luz del mundo

Eres la luz del mundo

Enseñanzas para despertar a su verdadera esencia

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Eckhart Tolle expands his horizons with this Spanish-language audio offering

What is Presence? Is it something we can define or describe? Or does it defy the limits of language entirely?

On Eres la luz del mundo, Eckhart Tolle offers his first audio program in Spanish, introducing you to the fundamentals of transcending the mind-made sense of self to discover the deeper reality of who you are. Recorded at sold-out events in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, this program is a wonderful example of how Eckhart’s teachings surpass borders.

Here, Eckhart discusses both the foundations of his teachings and how to embody them in everyday life. During this practical and playfully humorous audio program, Eckhart considers the innate stillness of the present moment, what it means to be conscious of consciousness, the limits of “good intentions” when they are rooted in the ego, and much more.

Here you will learn:
  • Why the concept of time is an illusion
  • The destiny of evolving consciousness
  • How to detach from the inner narratives that cause suffering
  • The transient nature of all forms—including your emotions
  • Resting in the space between thoughts
  • Daily practices for realizing Presence
  • Making the form of the present moment a friend rather than an enemy
  • Insights from Christianity and Buddhism on the timeless nature of consciousness
  • Why consciousness isn't something you can gain or achieve
  • The true meaning of "the Kingdom of Heaven"
Eres la luz del mundo is a powerful reminder that the most essential truths go beyond the words that convey them.





Contents 4 CDs (4 hours)
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