Getting Damn Good at Life

Strategies for Managing Your Inner Critic, Growing Confidence, and Experiencing More Happiness Now
CD - Preorder (Available March 7, 2023)
CD - Preorder
Available March 7, 2023
Audio Download - Preorder
Available March 7, 2023
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Essential training for women to manage the inner critic, set better boundaries, and live with more confidence, courage, and happiness
The world throws a lot of obstacles in our path—especially for women. But often the toughest is the one that lives rent-free in our heads: the inner critic. With the Getting Damn Good at Life audio course, life coach Andrea Owen delivers her field-tested plan for taming your inner critic—and using all that energy it’s been taking from you to create the life you want.
Thanks to a lifetime of toxic socialization, our inner critic ends up self-enforcing the most repressive messages about a woman’s supposed role—punishing us for being too loud, too emotional, too fat, too old, too everything. In these sessions, Owen shines a spotlight on this persistent inner voice—revealing what it really is, how it shows up, and why it keeps coming back. With effective practices and no-compromise coaching, she shares her most potent tools for managing the inner beast, from creative strategies for habit-busting to expert tools for fully embracing your true desires, values, and goals.
“Here’s the secret: that inner critic? It’s supposed to be helping you,” reveals Owen. “But it’s been hijacked to keep you in a box that smothers your true self. Time to get it back on your side.” Getting Damn Good at Life is a loud-and-proud call to reclaim your most valuable inner ally—along with your voice, your dreams, and your irrepressible life.
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CD - Preorder (Available March 7, 2023) Audio Download - Preorder (Available March 7, 2023)
Contents 6 CDs (6 hours) Audio Download (6 hours)
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Andrea Owen

About Andrea Owen

Andrea Owen is an author, global speaker, and professional certified life coach who helps high-achieving women maximize unshakable confidence and master resilience. She has taught hundreds of thousands of women tools and strategies to be able to empower themselves to live their most kick-ass life, through speaking, her books, coaching, and her wildly popular podcast with over 3 million downloads. Learn more at

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