Grounded and Free

Meditations for Embracing All of Life
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"What we are most afraid of is the gateway to our freedom," notes Elena Brower. Here, the celebrated yoga and meditation teacher shares guided meditation sessions to help us venture into the territories of our sorrows, doubts, and fears—to find the gifts of forgiveness, love, and courage held within them.
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"Inner and outer change often happen through direct action," reflects yoga and meditation teacher Elena Brower, "but to engage with life fully, we must also be able to listen deeply and receive." 

With Grounded and Free, you will learn how to use receptivity and tenderness to nurture roots of stability and centeredness that will serve you through your most challenging trials and storms.

This immersive program includes two sessions:

Grounded, practices for cultivating listening, attentiveness, compassion, and the ability to be vulnerable and responsive.

Free, helps you to identify the emotions and beliefs that may be limiting you, and meditations to hold and balance them with intention, kindness, and courage.

What we are most afraid of is the gateway to our freedom. Here, you are invited to enter that realm with courage and kindness, to evolve and embrace the full wonder of your life.

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