Heart Minded

How to Hold Yourself and Others in Love
Paperback Book
Paperback Book
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Spiritual teachings and guided practices, with audio links, about how to turn off our busy minds anywhere, anytime, and drop down into our hearts, where we find direction and deeper connection with others—from top online spiritual teacher Sarah Blondin, whose meditations have been accessed nearly 10 million times by hundreds of thousands of users.
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A treasury of meditations for living from your heart—from a top teacher at the #1 online meditation service InsightTimer. 
In our noisy, noisy world, it can seem nearly impossible to find ways to turn off our busy minds, which so often flood us with worry and unending lists of tasks. So how do you find your way off the negativity treadmill? When you feel overwhelmed and afraid, how can you return to a place of groundedness and connection?
“When we turn toward our hearts, we arrive like a bolt of lightning in the present moment, and all our arguments against ourselves and life go quiet,” teaches Sarah Blondin. “No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, you can touch this place in yourself to feel free and alive.”
With poetic brilliance and skillful instruction, this renowned teacher brings you a treasury of meditations and spiritual teachings to help you detach from your busy mind and tune into your feeling heart. As the students of her popular online trainings can attest, these simple and powerful practices can instantly bring you into a deeper connection with yourself and others. And you can go back to these meditations whenever you feel overwhelmed, disconnected, or afraid.
Read Heart Minded from front to back for a full course in living a life guided by the wise heart—or open to any page for a reminder that, beneath your burdens and troubles, you are fundamentally whole and free.
This book includes links to free guided meditations on audio, presented by Sarah Blondin.
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Sarah Blondin

About Sarah Blondin

Sarah Blondin is an internationally beloved spiritual teacher. Her guided meditations on the app InsightTimer have received nearly 10 million plays. She hosts the popular podcast Live Awake, as well as the online course Coming Home to Yourself. Her work has been translated into many languages and is in use in prison, recovery, and wellness programs. For more, visit sarahblondin.com.

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