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High Magick

A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row
Paperback Book
Paperback Book
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When Damien Echols was on death row for a crime he didn't commit, he used the spiritual practice of magick to stave off pain and despair, keep hope alive, and manifest his freedom. His first teaching book on this misunderstood tradition brings readers meditations, insights, and practices to reshape our reality with the energy of creation.
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“Magick is not a path for followers; it is a path for questioners, seekers, and anyone who has trouble settling for dogma and pre-formulated answers. Magick is for those who feel the desire to peel away the surface of reality and see what lies beneath. Like various persecuted forms of mysticism, magick promotes direct contact with the source of creation.” 

Damien Echols

Discover a Powerful Practice for Transforming Yourself and Your Reality

At age 18, Damien Echols was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. “I spent my years in prison training to be a true magician,” he recalls. “I used magick—the practice of reshaping reality through our intention and will—to stave off incredible pain, despair, and isolation. But the most amazing feat of all that practice and study was to manifest my freedom.” With High Magick, this bestselling author shares his first teaching book on the powerful spiritual techniques that helped him survive and transcend his ordeal on death row.

Though our culture has consigned “magic” to fiction, stage illusions, or superstitions about dark practices, the magick Damien learned is an ancient Western tradition equal the Eastern practices of Buddhism, Taoism, and yoga in its wisdom and transformative power. Here he brings you an engaging and highly accessible guide for bringing magick into your own life, including:

  • What is High Magick? Damien clears away the stigma and reveals the history and core teachings of this extraordinary art.
  • The Four-Fold Breath—a foundational meditation practice to train your mind and body to channel subtle energies.
  • The Middle Pillar—how to bring divine energy into the central channel of your body for empowerment and healing.
  • The Qabalistic Cross—a centering technique to help you stay balanced and protected regardless of circumstances.
  • The Lesser Rituals of the Pentagram—powerful practices for banishing negative energies and invoking energy to manifest your goals.
  • Working with angelic beings and other spiritual allies to support your practice.
  • Creating thoughtforms to assist you in your ongoing magickal development.
  • Guidance for overcoming your doubts, enhancing your visualization skills, creating talismans, practicing magick ethically, and much more.

“Magick is a journey,” writes Damien. “It’s a continuously unfolding path that has no end. You can study and practice magick for the rest of your life and you will still never learn everything that it has to teach you.” If you’re ready to discover your untapped potential for co-creating your reality with the energy of the divine, then join this extraordinary teacher to begin your training in High Magick.

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Damien Echols

About Damien Echols

Damien Echols’s wrongful conviction, sentencing, and eventual release as part of the West Memphis Three case is the subject of the HBO documentary Paradise Lost and West of Memphis, a documentary produced by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. While in prison, Damien was ordained into the Rinzai Zen Buddhist tradition. His books include the New York Times bestseller Life After Death, High Magick, and Angels and Archangels, as well as Ritual: An Essential Grimoire and Yours for Eternity (both with Lorri Davis). Today, he teaches magick and works as a visual artist.
For more, visit damienechols.com.

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Reviewed by Phillip
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Clear, Concise, Simple and Effective!

This book is such a great accomplishment! The Western spiritual traditions can be complex, archaic, and confusing because until now, there has been no author who has had the insight to distill everything into it's essential essence. I believe Damien's time in solitary confinement was very helpful in this respect. And as Damien will tell you in his book, there is what most people think Magick is, and there is what it really is stripped of all the preconceptions. The book contains easy outlines and explanations of various rituals and breathing techniques which have a number of effects. They especially strengthen our energy field or aura. And they can also banish negative energies or thought forms from our aura and environment. For instance, the Middle Pillar Ritual is very effective at clearing all kinds of things from your aura, maybe even attached entities or thought forms. In any case, you have to do them to experience the effect, and they work very powerfully. Damien has done an excellent job with his book.

I 00% highly recommend it.

Thank you Damien!

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