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As Your Heart Is Breaking Open and Our World Is Waking Up
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When we embody and, indeed, BECOME Love, anything is possible. With How to Be Loving, Danielle LaPorte shares a joyous new framework for bringing incandescent Love to every part of your life. In this offering, LaPorte guides you in crafting more compassionate thoughts, embracing healing, and going ALL IN on living fully through Love.
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This is a counterculture call to gentleness, from a contemporary and accessible sage. 

What happens when you begin to identify as Love––as the Soul beyond your personality constructs? 

What changes when you see yourself––and others, through a Loving gaze? Everything.

Love is universal, but how we learn about it and express it is incredibly personal. Being Loving doesn’t necessarily mean feeling more. It means feeling everything with more Love. It’s the ultimate inclusiveness. Because in the heart, it’s ALL IN—your light and your shadows—and everyone else’s

We do not need to focus on “fixing” ourselves. As we focus on living from our heart center—from Love—anything that’s not in alignment with that Light falls away. This message is so liberating. And practical.

You’ll learn that progress is more about letting go than learning new tricks. And…

  • You can choose higher quality thoughts more consistently (without spiritual bypassing) and interrupt lifelong patterns of rejecting our shadow side. We can unlearn the dogma that perpetuates perfectionism.  
  • Your ego, which is just an exaggerated sense of a separate self, will begin to calm down. You can’t life hack your way through fear—that only creates more fear. Instead, you can invite every part of yourself into the heart to rest in Love.
  • You’ll stop talking yourself out of your natural inclination to Forgive. The heart is for… giving. It’s such sweet relief to opt for the power of Love and move on. 
  • You repeatedly choose higher-quality thoughts. Our thinking is magnetic. We can use the intelligence of Love to calm our nervous systems and experience real peace.
  • You will create conditions for healing in your life. Accepting yourself and situations as is will free up so much of your life force—energy you can use to grow in new directions.
Here it is. Heart centered, soul powered, and divinely timed. A place for nuance and Compassion, where profound acceptance has room to grow.
This is How to Be Loving.
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Contents Hardcover Book (312 pages), Card Deck (4C embellished 72-card deck), Journal (168 pages)
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Danielle LaPorte

About Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and a former think-tank director who speaks about the intelligence of Love. Her Heart Centered Facilitators Program + Membership evolved out of her bestseller, The Desire Map, with 400+ workshop facilitators in 32 countries. Her podcast, With Love, Danielle, and site,, receive millions of visits.

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