How to Have a Kid and a Life

A Survival Guide
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Paperback Book
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In a culture that has created a faulty mythology around modern motherhood, here is a much-needed book to help women take back their autonomy, identity, and dreams—and become better moms because of it. An honest, playful, and irreverent survival guide from a Good Morning America parenting expert.

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Continue to have and grow your life, Mom—for your sake and your kids’.

When did being a good mom come to mean giving up everything that used to make you … you? That’s the question millions of 21st-century mothers grapple with every single day as they parent in our madly kid-centric culture. Contrary to the incessant messaging from everywhere, committing to yourself and your own needs is what makes for a good mother and happy kids.

With How to Have a Kid and a Life, popular journalist and Good Morning America parenting expert Ericka Sóuter shares her tips for being a happy, whole person while still being a great, and sometimes just good enough (which is plenty fine), parent. Sóuter blends her own stories of surviving the seismic challenges of parenthood with testimonials from stay-at-home and working moms; interviews with therapists and researchers; and findings from the latest studies on happiness, self-care, and parenthood. What she delivers is a wonderfully irreverent survival guide to motherhood, featuring:

  • Advice on keeping your career on track while parenting
  • Tips for handling clueless and unhelpful partners
  • Taking back ownership of your body
  • Creating a reliable village of support (even with moms you didn’t think you’d like)
  • Staying connected with child-free friends
  • What to do if you feel like you’re missing the “mom gene”
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    Ericka Sóuter

    About Ericka Sóuter

    Ericka Sóuter is a parenting expert on Good Morning America and other national network shows. With 20 years of journalism experience, she is a respected voice in parenting news and parenting advice. It’s her job to speak to parents across the country and to stay on top of the issues, controversies, and trends most affecting families today. Her work appears on CafeMom,, and additional sites that reach millions of parents monthly. She is a former staff writer for People magazine and Us Weekly, and her work has also been featured in EssenceCosmopolitanSelf, HuffPost, and WebMD.

    Ericka received her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, she currently lives in New York City with her husband, Caleb, and her sons, Lex and Aidan.

    Author photo © Claudine Williams