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How Writing Can Save Your Life

Writing is a lifeline, teaches Christina Baldwin. It can guide you through life's transitions, reveal parts of your self yearning to be expressed, and even transmit the essence of who you are in order to inspire future generations. On Lifelines, the visionary who started the personal writing movement shows you how to save your life in all these ways and more with only a pen and paper.

When Baldwin's first book, One to One: Self-Understanding Through Journal Writing, was published in 1977, the Library of Congress had to create a new category for her pioneering work. Since that time, through workshops, retreats, and seminars, Baldwin has worked with tens of thousands of people. For 30 years, she has been expanding her knowledge of the ways writing can organize your life, reveal the deeper meaning in life experiences, and map uncharted territories within you.

Now, for the first time, you have access to Christina Baldwin's personal philosophy and most powerful techniques, together in one comprehensive course: Lifelines: How to Save Your Life through Writing.

Baldwin's program shows how, step-by-step, you can tap into the power of personal writing for deep reflection and to transform any experience from chaos and fear into clarity and gratitude. You'll begin with the Survivor's Tale, to respond to significant life events and begin to face them safely. As you write your way to the Story of Integration, it takes you deeper into understanding the full impact of the event, and how it fits into the larger story of your life. Finally, you embark on the Story of Insight and Meaning, where the divine purpose in all that you've lived through shines through.

Baldwin guides you through these transitions with clear, personal explanations and practical exercises such as:

  • Flow Writing—a jump-start for your creative process
  • Writing about yourself in the third person—a way to see your life from new perspectives
  • The Light Eye and Dark Eye Exercise—how to fully embrace both the negative and the positive
  • Godalogues—a powerful way to speak to and receive guidance from the divine, and much more

Whether you've been on the path of personal writing for decades, or are just setting out, Christina Baldwin will guide you to deeper levels of insight, healing, and personal power with Lifelines: How to Save Your Life through Writing. The set includes 13 Lifeline cards; one to help you visualize the Spiral of Raw Experience, and 12 containing the most inspiring exercises from each session.

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Contents Digital Audio (6 hours, 30 minutes)
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Christina Baldwin

About Christina Baldwin

Christina Baldwin is an author, educator, speaker, and retreat leader. She is known for her groundbreaking work in the fields of personal writing, group process, and spirituality. With author, Ann Linnea, she is co-founder of PeerSpirit, Inc., offering a wide variety of consulting seminars, practica, and wilderness programs to individuals and groups. Baldwin is the author of One to One, Self-Understanding through Journal Writing; Life's Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest; Calling the Circle; and The Seven Whispers.