Little Anxious Cat

Hardcover Book
Featuring the appealing character of Little Cat, this Big Emotions Book allows children to explore feelings of anxiety and offers tools for working through it.
Full Description
Little Cat is very stressed and scared when he finds out he needs to go to the doctor for a checkup. But the doctor helps him navigate his anxiety through breathing exercises, body movement, and visualizations.
Featuring the appealing character of Little Cat, this funny and brightly illustrated book is for young children, ages 2–5. It’s a fun way to recognize and talk about emotions and gives children tools for navigating feelings of anxiety.
Originally translated from the French, Little Anxious Cat is a companion volume to Little Angry Cat, in Sounds True’s Big Emotions series.
Format Details
Hardcover Book
Contents Hardcover Book (28 illustrated pages)
Dimensions 8 x 8 inches
Product Code BK06273
ISBN Number 978-1-68364-837-6
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Audrey Bouquet

About Audrey Bouquet

Audrey Bouquet is the author of The Little Mice and The Cat and His Emotions. Originally a scientist, she studied biology and nutrition before focusing her studies on sophrology, the study of the consciousness in harmony. Many years later, she fell into the world of children's literature by way of her children and her partner and illustrator, Fabien Öckto Lambert. She also writes books on plant-based cooking and nature. 

Fabien Öckto Lambert

About Fabien Öckto Lambert

Fabien Öckto Lambert studied visual communication in Tours (École Brassart). He worked as a graphic designer before dedicating all his time to children’s book illustrations. He lives in Nantes, France, with his wife, Audrey Bouquet, and their two children.