Meditations on Boundless Love

Teachings and Practices to Relax the Ego, Surrender Spiritual Resistance, and Rest in Your Vast Heart
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“Love is more than a commodity we get or give,” teaches Miranda Macpherson. “It is who we are minus our personality.” Meditations on Boundless Love ushers listeners into a four-part program of teachings and guided practices for dissolving the limitations to our natural experience of love, unity, and deep peace. Practices include Relaxing the Search for Love, The Mountain of Presence, The Breath of the Heart, Liberating Your Core Wound of Love, and more.
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There is a depth of love within your heart that is eternal and ever-present—an oasis of serenity that connects you to everything in existence. With Meditations on Boundless Love, Miranda Macpherson invites you to stop searching for your heart’s desire “out there” and relax into the love that surrounds you (and is you!) right this moment. Join her in this four-part program of reflective inquiries and guided meditations, including:

  • The Mountain of Presence—a grounding practice to let down our defenses and touch the joyful bliss of being
  • Liberating Your Core Wound of Love—a healing journey for meeting everything with love
  • The Breath of the Heart—a guided meditation to open the heart and bring its gifts into the world
  • Relaxing the Search for Love—dissolving the limitations to our natural experience of love, unity, and deep peace

“The work of boundless love is not all sweetness and light,” explains Macpherson. “Real transformation calls you in and through the crucible of your human challenges, of your deepest questions and yearnings, so that you can embody and extend the gifts you receive for a world that needs us all to wake up and love now!” Meditations on Boundless Love offers the essential teachings and practices to support you in this sacred work.

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Miranda Macpherson

About Miranda Macpherson

MIRANDA MACPHERSON is a spiritual teacher who shares an integrated, feminine approach to nondual realization. Founder of OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London, where she trained and ordained over 600 ministers, today she leads the Living Grace Sangha in Northern California and leads retreats internationally. The author of Boundless Love (Ebury Press, 2002) she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more, visit