Mend the World

Spiritual Tools for Healing, Repair, and Justice
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In eight audio sessions, an acclaimed author and activist merges spiritual practice and social justice work to help us become more effective and resilient changemakers—by openly encountering others with deep connection, accessing our prophetic voice to speak truth to power, and taking action while staying grounded in our spiritual selves.
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An acclaimed author and activist shares eight audio sessions on applying our spiritual practice toward the advance of social justice and global change.

Every spiritual tradition teaches that we are all interconnected. Yet when we are faced with the world’s many injustices, we often want to turn away and isolate ourselves rather than feel the full measure of our grief, anger, and fear. “If we allow ourselves the space to fully experience these painful emotions,” says Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, “something amazing happens. We see more clearly how we can make a difference. We invite a deeper spirituality—one that goes beyond our personal experience to a greater communal solidarity.”

In Mend the World, you’ll join this renowned teacher for eight audio sessions on merging spiritual practice with the work of systemic change. Rabbi Ruttenberg shares heartfelt insights, universally effective practices, and timeless wisdom from many traditions to explore ways to become a more connected, resilient, and effective force for change, including:

  • The spiritual challenge of healing the world—what being interconnected really means
  • How making space for painful feelings can allow us to feel joy, gratitude, and wonder
  • Why spiritual values of humility and openness help us truly understand privilege and equity
  • How to identify and express your unique gifts in a way that serves the world’s needs
  • Community and solidarity—building the relationships that magnify your collective ability to create change
  • Your “prophetic voice”—speaking truth to power while staying grounded in your spiritual being
“Our work demands bravery, integrity, and honesty,” says Rabbi Ruttenberg, “yet it can reward us with joy, hope, and breathtaking beauty.” Mend the World is a loving and courageous call for each of us to access the spiritual resources that helped our ancestors find their path through hardship—and embrace our unique role in a world in need of healing.
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Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

About Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg serves as scholar in residence at National Council of Jewish Women. She is the award-winning author of seven books, including Surprised by God and Nurture the Wow. She was named by Newsweek and the Daily Beast as one of ten “rabbis to watch,” by the Forward as one of the top 50 most influential women rabbis, and called a “wunderkind of Jewish feminism” by Publishers Weekly. Learn more at