Mozart As Healer

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Discover how brain and health enhancing frequencies are encoded in Mozart’s masterpieces.
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In his day, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was celebrated as a child prodigy, a consummate pianist, and the composer who most defined the classical period in music. Now, over 200 years later, researchers are discovering another dimension of this legendary figure's life—the dimension of healer.

On Mozart As Healer, author, musician, and teacher Don Campbell builds on his sensational bestseller The Mozart Effect, revealing the story of Mozart and the exciting potential of his music to spark creativity, soothe our emotions, jump-start learning, and even heal our bodies.

What is it about the music of Mozart that has led researchers to compare it to “a Rosetta stone for the code or internal language of higher brain function"? Campbell immerses listeners in what he terms the “Christology” of Mozart's life, while uncovering the latest research on sound, learning, and healing—framed by some of the most powerful compositions the world has ever known.

Even if you are not a classical music lover, here is a welcome new work, complete with self-healing exercises, that brings to life the glory and power of Mozart's music as never before.

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Don Campbell

About Don Campbell

Don Campbell (1947–2012)
Don Campbell was respected internationally for his work as a teacher and researcher in the fields of music, sound, health, and learning. Often described as a man who has listened to the world, Campbell was the founder and director of the Institute for Music, Health, and Education in Boulder, Colorado. For seven years, he taught music and philosophy at St. Mary's International School in Tokyo, and he spoke about the transformative power of music in more than 30 countries worldwide.