How to Advocate for Your Needs and Claim Your Sovereignty
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A healing how-to manual to identify, honor, and advocate for your needs—especially when the person you need permission from is yourself
When you grow up in a culture that prays at the altars of busyness, perfection, and hyper-productivity, being seen as needy is the worst offense. And you’re not needy, right? You get an impressive amount done each day, and people know they can count on you. So why do you collapse into bed at night depleted, exhausted, and overwhelmed—and feeling like you still didn’t do enough?
In Needy, Mara Glatzel provides an empowering guide for healing shame around neediness so we can authentically nourish ourselves and remember how to enjoy our lives. “Our needs are what help us create the life and relationships we’re aching for,” Glatzel teaches. “By embracing our needs, we can have more impact, more meaning, and deeper connections with our loved ones.”
Throughout the program, Glatzel normalizes health, rest, and connection by reminding us that these are fundamental human requirements. By untangling cultural messaging that our bodies can’t be trusted and our needs stand between us and success, she helps us move beyond any shame around asking for, wanting—or simply being—too much. Then, with encouraging insights and grounded practices, Glatzel helps us break free from capitalist narratives around what self-care should look like so we can reclaim what truly feeds our soul’s well-being. For anyone ready to embrace self-trust, self-love, and radical self-care, Needy is an essential guide.
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Audio Download - Preorder (Available February 28, 2023)
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Mara Glatzel

About Mara Glatzel

Mara Glatzel, MSW, (she/her) is an intuitive coach, writer, and podcast host. She is a needy human who helps other needy humans stop abandoning themselves and start reclaiming their humanity through embracing their needs and honoring their natural energy cycles. Her superpower is saying what you need to hear when you need to hear it, and she is here to help you believe in yourself as much as she believes in you. She resides on the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Find out more at

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