Radical Forgiveness for Healing

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Discover the Most Powerful Healer of All

What if our ability to heal was tied to our ability to forgive?

As the creator of the Radical Forgiveness books and workshops, Colin Tipping knows that this is more than just a theoretical question. According to Colin, unconditional forgiveness is not only necessary for mental well-being, but also catalyzes our ability to bounce back from illness. With Radical Forgiveness for Healing, Colin presents a blueprint for applying this powerful framework to your day-to-day health.

Across three fascinating and provocative sessions, Radical Forgiveness for Healing will teach you how to work with your innate spiritual intelligence to improve not only your outlook on life, but also your overall physical wellness. Beginning with an overview of the spiritual principles of the practice, Colin guides listeners in a curriculum on embracing Radical Forgiveness for letting go of old narratives, aiding in cancer prevention, clearing toxic emotions, eliminating body fat, and coming into closer alignment with the entire flow of life.

Whether you’re struggling with a recurring physical problem or are seeking a better, faster way to forgive, here is a rare opportunity to learn from the founder of Radical Forgiveness at your own pace.

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Contents Digital Audio (4 hours, 24 minutes)
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Colin Tipping

About Colin Tipping

Colin Tipping (1941–2019) was born in England and taught at London University before immigrating to the United States in 1984. With his wife, JoAnn, he co-founded the Georgia CancerHelp Program and Together-We-Heal, Inc., and founded The Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching. Tipping is the author of the international bestseller Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle and other books and online programs based on the practice of Radical Forgiveness.