Road Sage

Mindfulness Techniques for Drivers
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Turn your commute into an opportunity to practice a calm, balanced state of mind and body.
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Take the Stress Out of Driving with Simple Mindfulness Meditation Practices

On Road Sage, you take a seat next to meditation teacher Sylvia Boorstein for the driver's education course you never heard in school: the essential techniques of mindfulness meditation, presented especially for anyone who drives a car.

With simple exercises, real-life stories on the road, and an occasional pop quiz, Boorstein teaches you how to work with the physical sensation and mind-states that grip every driver: anxiety, impatience, frustration, and even anger. You learn to see your morning commute as an opportunity to practice the calm, alert, and balanced state of mind and body that is the centerpiece of mindful living. There can be beautiful dharma in that traffic jam ahead, once we learn to awaken to it through these powerful practices and teachings.

So stop fuming about the car in front of you and reach your destination relaxed and aware of the magic in each moment of life—even while stuck in traffic—with America's Road Sage, Sylvia Boorstein.

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Contents Digital Audio (1 hour, 19 minutes)
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Sylvia Boorstein

About Sylvia Boorstein

Sylvia Boorstein is an author, grandmother, a cofounding teacher of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California, and a senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. She is the author of several bestselling books, including It's Easier Than You Think: The Buddhist Way to Happiness; Don't Just Do Something, Sit There; and That's Funny, You Don't Look Buddhist.