Rolling Away the Stone

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Jungian insights into the role dreams play in a complete spiritual life.
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During many years of work as an author, Jungian analyst, and teacher, Marion Woodman has made a startling observation: regardless of religious persuasion, people everywhere share a common dream that is a metaphor for our modern age.

In this dream we are trapped in a cold, dark tomb; a prison without light. Outside, the dance of life goes on. Symbolically, what separates us from the outside is seen as a stone over the mouth of this tomb. What can we do to move the stone away and start living a new, creative life in the light outside? Here is the central question Marion Woodman poses on Rolling Away the Stone.

Woodman's work with dream-image theory and practice is at the heart of this recording. God is the dream-maker, Woodman says, and the dream is our banquet every night. Rolling Away the Stone is a triumph of thinking about collective dreams and the role dreams play in a complete spiritual life.

Topics include: wind and Holy Spirit meditation; parental complexes; compulsion-obsession-manifestation-perversion cycle; metaphor and transformation; dream images and instinct; addiction and illness.

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Marion Woodman

About Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman is a writer, international teacher and workshop leader, and Jungian analyst. With over a half-million books in print, she is one of the most widely read authors on analytical and feminine psychology of our times. Marion Woodman is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. Her bestselling book Addiction to Perfection is considered to be a landmark study on the spiritual and psychological roots of addiction in women. Some of her other books include The Ravaged Bridegroom; Leaving My Father's House; The Maiden King; and The Pregnant Virgin.