Success and Your Shadow

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Skills and insight to invite lasting success at home, at work, and within yourself.
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Strategies for a Successful Life—at Work, at Home, and Within

You have the power to create one success after another, a lifetime of meaningful accomplishments. On Success and Your Shadow, you will learn how to continuously renew the skills you need to be a “long distance” leader, by facing the part of you that can make success feel like failure.

John O'Neil, a business author and educational leader, talks about his experience at a meeting of America's 100 top entrepreneurs, where he found himself surrounded by the paradox of accomplishment—people who win at work, but lose in their personal lives. Looking into what Jung called the “shadow” side of the corporate psyche, O'Neil saw how this vast unconscious force can swallow up our best qualities and leave dissatisfaction in its wake. Join him as he explores:

  • How to quickly assess how your shadow is affecting your job
  • A powerful self-questioning system for putting your life back into balance now
  • "Rebounding"—a technique for getting through the dark days at work
  • Four essential qualities for a lifetime of satisfying achievement, and more

Now John O'Neil can help you learn how to bring your own shadow to light—and harness this transformative energy to fully integrate your work life with your private life.

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Contents Digital Audio (2 hours, 26 minutes)
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John O'Neil

About John O'Neil

John O'Neil is a corporate consultant, leadership expert and author. He is President of the California School of Professional Psychology, a four-campus graduate school that produces 20 percent of the nation's clinical psychologists. O'Neil has served on many corporate, government and philanthropic boards, including the Leadership Institute of the University of Southern California, Computer Dynamics Corporation, and Esquire magazine.