Sylvie and the Wolf

Hardcover Book
Hardcover Book
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A beautifully illustrated story that helps children learn how to understand the negative nature of secrets and emotionally care for themselves and others.
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Sylvie’s fear of the Wolf makes her world small. But when she is able to confront her fear, a wonderful discovery and healing unfolds. 
Sylvie lives high in the mountains, where shadow meets light, wild streams follow twisting paths, and animals run free in the forest. Sylvie is not afraid of anything—until she meets the Wolf.

She keeps her fear a secret, and it begins to control her life and makes her world small. Finally, with the encouragement of a loving aunt, Sylvie is able to confront her fear and learns that, instead of running or hiding, she can move forward and live alongside it.

A beautifully told story that helps children learn how to emotionally care for themselves, show love and empathy to others, and understand the negative nature of secrets.
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Hardcover Book eBook
Contents Hardcover Book (32 pages) eBook (32 pages)
Dimensions 11 x 9 inches
Product Code BK06322 BK06322W
ISBN Number 978-1-68364-869-7 978-1-68364-870-3
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Andrea Debbink

About Andrea Debbink

Andrea Debbink is a former editor at American Girl magazine and the author of more than a dozen current and forthcoming books for children and adults, including The Wild World Handbook series. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband and daughter. Learn more about Andrea and her work at

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Mercè López

About Mercè López

Mercè López is the illustrator of dozens of projects in design, editorial, cinema, theater, and book publishing. Her work is inspired by her travels, friends, music, Japanese martial arts, and different cultures from around the world. Mercé lives in Mallorca, Spain. Learn more at

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