The Art of Showing Up

Bringing Your True Self to All Your Relationships
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With The Art of Showing Up, two master teachers apply the Toltec wisdom of The Four Agreements to the topic of creating authentic, healthy, and loving relationships. HeatherAsh Amara and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. share insights on key relationship skills including commitment, trust, healing, communication, and releasing. For each skill, they present guided practices to help you artfully apply these insights in your own relationships—starting with the essential relationship with yourself.

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Discover the Art of Creating Deep and Loving Relationships—Starting with Yourself
“You cannot give what you do not have,” teach HeatherAsh Amara and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. To build stronger and more loving relationships with others, the starting point is always your relationship with yourself. With The Art of Showing Up, Amara and Ruiz bring you a powerful audio workshop to undo the inner patterns that keep you trapped in cycles of conflict and misunderstanding—and help you build a foundation for all your relationships to flourish and grow.
Dispelling the Illusion of Conditional Love
Most of us have been indoctrinated in the illusion that we should be rewarded with love when we are worthy and punished with abandonment when we are not. That is called conditional love—which leads to power struggles, deception, and the need to “domesticate” each other. Yet conditional love is learned, and can be unlearned. Using insights and guided meditations, Amara and Ruiz offer seven essential arts to help you locate the places where you are stuck in conditional thinking, so you may open again and again to a love that reflects the purest expression of yourself.
In the Toltec wisdom taught by HeatherAsh Amara and don Miguel Ruiz Jr., you learn to replace the conditions of love with agreements. These agreements arise freely from a place of mutual respect, curiosity, and honesty. With The Art of Showing Up, these masterful teachers reveal how you can cast aside the masks you wear in relationship with others and yourself—and discover the joy of unconditional love you were meant to share.

  • The Art of Commitment: embracing your power of choice
  • The Art of Loving: coming back to unconditional love
  • The Art of Trust: how to stop undermining your trust in yourself and others
  • The Art of Healing: how to soften in the face of pain
  • The Art of Communication: creating a new language based on respect and compassion
  • The Art of Pleasure: bringing sensual joy to every aspect of your relationship
  • The Art of Releasing: embracing change as an essential part of love
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    Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

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    Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. became an apprentice at age 14 of his father, Toltec shaman don Miguel Ruiz, and his grandmother, Madre Sarita, a powerful curandera (healer). After decades of training, he now helps others discover optimal physical and spiritual health, so that they may achieve their own personal freedom. His books include The Mastery of Self, Living a Life of Awareness, and The Five Levels of Attachment. For more, visit 

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