The Art of Thriving Online: A Workbook

Creative Exercises to Help You Stay Grounded and Feel Joy in the World of Social Media
Paperback Book - Preorder (Available October 15, 2024)
Paperback Book - Preorder
 Available October 15, 2024
eBook - Preorder
Available April 15, 2025
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A creatively active workbook for developing a conscious and healthy relationship with the world of social media 

Do you wish you could just quit social media? You’re not alone. “Social media is woven into so many aspects of our daily lives,” says Amelia Knott, “but it is not designed with our psychological well-being in mind. Social platforms—along with news sites, e-commerce, and other methods of digital connection—are built to exploit our vulnerability.”

Thankfully, it is possible to create a conscious relationship with the online world, one that allows you to enjoy the many benefits of that connection, while also feeling a sense of awareness and choice.

The Art of Thriving Online goes far beyond “digital detoxing,” with innovative methods for counteracting manipulative, compulsive, and stress-inducing aspects of social media while preserving the goodness of your time online. The foundation of her method is creativity—she provides a playful, interactive place to explore the impact social media has on you and shift to a more positive, health-promoting approach.

Through creative activities, reflections, therapeutic art, writing prompts, and more, you’ll learn how to safely process emotions through the forms of personal expression suited to your unique style.

“Our digital lives are meaningful,” says Knott, “and we can show up online while also caring for our mental health.” Here is a “gentle manifesto” for establishing new habits and boundaries that make you feel truly well—online and off.

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Paperback Book - Preorder (Available October 15, 2024) eBook - Preorder (Available April 15, 2025)
Contents Paperback Book (304 pages) eBook (304 pages)
Dimensions 7 x 9 inches
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ISBN Number 978-1-64963-273-9 978-1-64963-274-6
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Amelia Knott

About Amelia Knott

Amelia Knott, RP, RCAT, is an art psychotherapist who specializes in the mental health impacts of hustle culture and social media. With over a decade of facilitation experience, she offers meaningful mental health care through one-on-one therapeutic art, group sessions, and workshops, and also hosts Anti-Hustle Art Studio, a resource for coworking sessions to help others carve out time to care for themselves with creativity. She lives in Slocan, BC. For more, visit

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