The Art of You

The Essential Guidebook for Reclaiming Your Creativity
Paperback Book - Preorder (Available February 6, 2024)
Paperback Book - Preorder
Available February 6, 2024
eBook - Preorder
Available February 6, 2024
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A guide to reclaiming creativity for all, helping readers awaken their sense of wonder, execute their craft, and reclaim the artist within.

Creativity is our true magic. The ability to convert our thoughts into reality is a defining characteristic of being human. But it can also be hard work—especially in a culture that values conformity, trends, and marketability above authentic expression. For anyone who has hit a creative wall and wants to reignite their imagination and passion, author and poet James McCrae’s The Art of You is a powerful resource to help you access your inner magic and spark your joy in creativity.

The Art of You helps you dissolve blockages and jump-start your imagination through the Yin-Yang approach. “We’ve been taught to focus on the Yang, which is about drive and effort,” says McCrae. “But we do so at the expense of the Yin: allowing, expansiveness, and flow.” Here he shares a flexible set of tools, exercises, rituals, and insights to help you address the most common impediments to the creative process—and awaken your sense of wonder, your childlike curiosity, and your ability to create something uniquely you out of nothing.

Creativity is essential to everything we do—there is art not only in what we write, paint, dance, and sing, but also in the way we navigate our relationships, our work, and our choices in life. “Art matters,” says McCrae. “Art gives us comfort, opens our minds to new perspectives, and leaves us awestruck. Art is medicine—for ourselves, others, and the world.”
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Paperback Book - Preorder (Available February 6, 2024) eBook - Preorder (Available February 6, 2024)
Contents Paperback Book (264 pages) eBook (264 pages)
Dimensions 6 x 8 inches
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James McCrae

About James McCrae

James McCrae is an author, poet, meme artist, and founder of Sunflower Club, a global school and community dedicated to conscious creativity. James is the author of Sh#t Your Ego Says and How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis. As a creative strategist, he has worked with top brands and startups. His articles on creativity have appeared in publications like Forbes, HuffPost, Adweek, Yogi Times, and Entrepreneur. He lives in Austin, Texas. For more visit

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