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The Courage to Confront Evil

The Courage to Confront Evil

The Most Important Challenge of Our Time

At this pivotal time, Caroline Myss delivers one of her most powerful presentations: a sweeping training in standing in your own light, so every choice you make becomes an act of healing. In seven audio sessions, she boldly investigates the nature of evil, the pitfalls of confronting it, and tools to help you become “an instrument of holy power.”

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The Challenge of Our Time: To Know Your Light and Wield Your True Power

If you don’t understand the nature of evil, how can you be a force for good? As Caroline Myss teaches, “evil” and “good” are not simply abstract concepts—they are fundamental cosmic energies you can learn to feel in your body and soul. With The Courage to Confront Evil, Caroline Myss delivers one of her most powerful presentations yet: a sweeping training in the practice of standing in your own light and integrity, so every choice you make becomes an act of healing in this extraordinary and challenging period of human history.

Discover How to Harness the “Power Tools of Creation”

In this time of profound tansformation, your capacity to make a difference has never been greater—or more needed. “Darkness cannot be offset by bombs, bullets, or any external force,” Myss teaches, “but only by the power of the light within us.” In these seven audio sessions, she boldly investigates the spiritual nature of evil, the many masks it wears, and the temptations it offers us to be fearful, selfish, or disengaged. Here she trains you in the seven “power tools of creation”—the divine gifts of grace you can access with your words, prayers, and actions.

“This is this era of your soul’s waking up,” Myss says. “This is the time when we’re called to become mystics out of a monastery. Every act of love weakens the forces of hate. Every act of compassion and grace weakens evil’s legislation against humanity.” The Courage to Confront Evil is a clarion call for you to discover your role in this great unfolding of human evolution—and to become an “instrument of holy power” as only you can.

• Is evil real? How our collective denial has given power to darkness
• The evolution of the soul in the atomic age—how we reached this turning point in history
• The inner vocabulary of evil—how the words you choose can give strength to darkness or to light
• Activating your conscience—the inner voice that is your true guide
• Where darkness begins—becoming deeply mindful of your everyday choices
• Why temptation works—the forces that make us fear the light and seek refuge in darkness
• The perils of becoming the very thing you wish to overcome
• How a sense of entitlement shuts down your capacity for love
• The nature of angels and demons—and how we invite both into our lives
• What you can learn from the temptations of Jesus and the Buddha
• The breakdown of systems—why religion, scientific rationalism, and political structures can and must change
• How evil is a necessary factor in our own growth and awakening
• More than seven hours of deep insight, training, and essential wisdom from bestselling author Caroline Myss





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