The Divine Imagination

Wisdom from the Celtic World
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Explore the Celtic vision of non-dualism-a pathway to experiencing divinity everywhere.
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When God is hardened into a visible image, and worship reduced to a program, we remain exiled from what is truly sacred—the world around us and the “divine imagination” that created it.

In this third volume of his Celtic wisdom trilogy, John O’Donohue immerses us in what has been called the “greatest miracle” of Celtic spirituality—nondualism and its tradition of experiencing the divine as a lyrical, tender, creative force not visible, but always present.

When the people of ancient Ireland celebrated their four great solstice rituals, they allowed their own imaginations to flow into a secret immensity—the divine imagination that continuously creates and renews all of life. True worship, O’Donohue shows, is not a mental process, but a way of living fully that allows for the flowering of our own divinity. In these ancient ways of knowing God, we find eternal teachings for connecting with the sacred—ways that have helped Irish faith to grow and flourish to this day.

Complete with original Celtic teachings and enlivened with poetry and philosophy from past and present, The Divine Imagination calls for us to approach each day with wonder, knowing that God is always present and that we are already home.

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John O'Donohue

About John O'Donohue

John O'Donohue was a poet, philosopher, scholar, and native Gaelic speaker from County Clare, Ireland. He was awarded a PhD in philosophical theology from the University of Tübingen, with postdoctoral study of Meister Eckhart. John's bestselling books Anam CaraBeautyEternal Echoes, and the beloved To Bless the Space Between Us, among many others, guide readers through the landscape of the Irish imagination. More information can be found at

Author photo © Colm Hogan