The Inner Dimensions of Mastering Money

The Inner Dimensions of Mastering Money
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Money—few topics induce as much stress, anxiety, shame, and guilt in so many people. In this nine-week online course, you will learn how to reframe and heal your relationship with money, to finally see money not as a constant worry, but as a friendly force that sustains, supports, and even empowers you in contributing your gifts.

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Money. Despite how much we might have, no other topic induces as much stress, anxiety, shame, or guilt.

What if it were possible to cultivate a healthy, sane, and rewarding relationship with money that expands our capacity to receive without sacrificing our values or our well-being?

The Inner Dimensions of Mastering Money: Align with the Power and Flow of Money in Your Life

Intentionally diverging from mainstream courses that fixate on financial management, get-rich-quick schemes, or esoteric manifestation techniques, we turn our focus inward for an honest exploration and inquiry regarding our inner beliefs, generational patterns, and societal conditioning that inhibit money from flowing into our lives.

Why? Because by exploring the inner dimensions that influence how you feel, how you think, and how you relate to money, you can transcend negative money beliefs and behaviors and embrace new, empowering habits that align your soul’s work with the greatest opportunity for your growth, contribution, and prosperity.

The Inner Dimensions of Mastering Money includes over four hours of instructional video lessons, live Q&A sessions, and live Money Clinic workshops with a distinguished panel of wealth and mental health experts. You’ll also be invited to take part in 12 Money Ally sessions facilitated by a Sounds True community facilitator for accountability, support, and to apply the practices you learn.

In The Inner Dimensions of Mastering Money, you’ll:

  • Uncover the inner beliefs and familial conditioning that interrupt the flow of money in your life 
  • Explore and reframe ancestral and multigenerational patterns that influence your money mindset and your financial habits
  • Learn effective therapeutic techniques to heal financial trauma and ease money anxiety for a deeper sense of peace and well-being
  • Cultivate a healthy and rewarding relationship with money that aligns your work with greater opportunities for prosperity 

The Rewards of Mastering Your Relationship with Money

The teachings in this online course are designed to empower you in cultivating a healthy and rewarding relationship with money. This illuminating journey offers numerous benefits including:

  • Releasing Money Scarcity, Guilt, and Anxiety 

Heal and reframe limiting money beliefs, thoughts, and stories to restore a sense of emotional, mental, and physical well-being 

  • Engaging Your Personal Agency, Values, and Autonomy 

Discover a deeper sense of self-worth, and create a new financial reality by reclaiming your power to earn more and feel good about it 

  • Consciously Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Money 

Overcome perceived limits and generational patterns to create an empowering relationship with money as a friendly force that supports you in shifting negative money behaviors

  • Aligning with the Power and Flow of Money in Work

Challenge societal conditioning and assumptions to align your soul’s work with the greatest opportunity for your growth, contribution, and prosperity


  • Tami Simon (Your Host)
  • Rha Goddess
  • Judy Wilkins-Smith
  • Joyce Marter, LCPC
  • Spencer Sherman, MBA, CFP®
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Tami Simon started Sounds True at the age of 22 with a dream and a tape recorder. Though she had no experience running a business and only a vague idea of what she wanted the company to be, Tami had her guiding principle strongly in place: to disseminate spiritual wisdom. Over its 36-year history, Sounds True has grown into a multimedia publisher that has produced over 6,000 titles, has been included twice in the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies, and is North America’s leading publisher of spoken-word spiritual teachings.

Rha Goddess

About Rha Goddess

Rha Goddess is an entrepreneurial soul coach and CEO and founder of Move the Crowd, an entrepreneurial coaching and training company—and movement—to galvanize 3 million entrepreneurs to re-imagine work as a vehicle for creative expression, financial freedom, and societal transformation. She’s the author of The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good and lives in Marina Del Rey, California. For more, visit

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