The Inner Tarot

A Modern Approach to Self-Compassion and Empowered Healing Using the Tarot
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The Inner Tarot isn't just a book about how to read the cards. It's a guidebook for those ready to embark on a healing journey equipped with tools to help them foster their intuition, own their stories, and harness their soul's purpose.

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“On its surface, this is a book about tarot, but at its core, it's offering a radical and revolutionary path to true healing." —Liz Moody, host of The Liz Moody Podcast and author of 100 Ways to Change Your Life 

Are you longing to rewrite your personal narrative, connect to your purpose, and pursue it with confidence? Do you seek a grounded approach to connecting to your intuition, being seen, heard, and heart-led? "Anyone interested in falling in love with their mind, body, and spirit should look to the tarot," says intuitive healer and tarot reader Kate Van Horn. "Tarot has an uncanny knack for illuminating what already exists in our energies, bodies, and intuitions. When harnessed, it can serve as a helpful tool for profound self-acceptance and healing."

The Inner Tarot isn't just a book about how to read the cards. It's a guidebook for those ready to embark on a healing journey equipped with tools to help you foster your intuition, own your story, and harness your soul's purpose.

Just like a deck of tarot cards, the book is divided into two parts:

  • In Part I, you’ll learn to explore the nuances of pulling cards to ground you in the practice and discover the tools to become a confident reader. Consider it a crash course in card reading. Kate will also share tips for creating rituals around your deck, understanding numerology, reading reversals, crafting tarot spreads, and more.
  • In Part II, Kate guides you through individual card interpretations as well as thought-provoking, heart-opening exercises intended to facilitate healing and honor your resilience and personal story. You’ll refer to this again and again as you create your tarot practice and make deeper connections with each archetype.

Discover a deeper approach to self-inquiry, a new depth in your experience, pride in your personal story, and an empowered approach to their communication.

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Contents Digital Audio (7 hours, 36 minutes)
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ISBN Number 978-1-64963-254-8
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Kate Van Horn

About Kate Van Horn

Kate Van Horn is a tarot reader, psychic, and spiritual mentor. She is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a certified intuitive healer. She is the founder of the (in) a healing space app, membership, and community. For more visit katevanhorn.comInstagram: @kate.van.horn

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