The Instruction

Living the Life Your Soul Intended
Paperback Book
Paperback Book
Sounds True eReader (Immediate Access)
A step-by-step program for finding personal fulfillment and illuminating your life’s path.
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Paperback Book eBook
Contents Paperback Book (299 pages) eBook (299 pages)
Dimensions 5 1/4 x 8 inches
Product Code BK01365 BK01365W
ISBN Number 978-1-59179-720-3 978-1-59179-889-7
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Ainslie MacLeod

About Ainslie MacLeod

For more than a decade, Ainslie MacLeod has used his talents as a psychic to explore the soul and its effects on human beliefs and behavior. Collaborating with elevated spirit guides, he developed the Instruction as a way to help each of us understand our own personal destiny. Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, he currently lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where, from his office on a tranquil island, he offers psychic guidance to clients worldwide.