The Longevity Formula

Ayurvedic Principles to Reduce Inflammation, Increase Cellular Repair, and Live with Vitality
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A formula—based in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom—to live more vibrantly as we age by replenishing the tissues of the body

Modern society has conditioned us to perceive aging as an unpleasant experience with a growing list of pain symptoms and an even longer list of prescription drugs. Esteemed Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh invites us to reframe these beliefs by illuminating what is possible when we honor the passage of years and usher in the second stage of life as a time full of vitality and wisdom.

During her career as an emergency room doctor, Dr. Avanti experienced a health crisis that Western medicine failed to address. In her search for answers, she was led back to Ayurveda, the ancient healing tradition of her South Asian roots. Now an Ayurvedic teacher, she seeks to share this sacred knowledge with us. In The Longevity Formula, Dr. Avanti distills her expertise with Ayurveda into easy-to-follow steps to help increase cellular repair and decrease inflammation—the foundation of the longevity formula.

“The essence of Ayurveda is that we are not separate from nature,” says Dr. Avanti. “When we live in harmony with nature, we have optimal and vibrant health.” With this fundamental principle, she shows us how to adjust our daily living to support our health through protocols for nutrition, routines, and yoga. Filled with simple practices, The Longevity Formula builds gradual and sustainable habits, encouraging us to redefine wellness and create a harmonious lifestyle.

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Audio - Preorder (Available December 17, 2024)
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Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD

About Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD

Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD, is an internationally recognized Ayurveda practitioner, a certified yoga therapist, and a former ER doctor. Her approach brings together Western medicine with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that comes from her South Asian lineage. Dr. Avanti is director of Ayurveda at BIÂN Chicago, hosts The Healing Catalyst podcast, and offers courses on integrative medicine. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Goop, mindbodygreen, and more.

Author photo © Pooja Shah