The New Alpha Male

Walking the Path of the Heart
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NBA star Lance Allred helps men find their true source of strength, while embracing authenticity and vulnerability.
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An NBA and TEDx Star Helps Men Find Their True Source of Strength, While Embracing Authenticity and Vulnerability

Is there a place for the “alpha male” in today’s world? Lance Allred says yes—but it’s past time to evolve our sense of what “alpha” means. “The old alpha believes he is entitled to success, sees enemies are all around, and thrives on victimhood,” he writes. “The new alpha male holds himself accountable. He expresses his love with no strings attached and serves ideals bigger than his ego.” With The New Alpha Male, Allred brings you a winning game plan for growing, leading, and succeeding—while staying true to your authentic self.

Allred lived the masculine dream—succeeding in the hypercompetitive world of the NBA—only to discover that it was really a nightmare. In this book, framed within the context of a basketball game, he helps you break down the outdated ideas our culture presents as “truths” regarding competition, addiction, fear, gender roles, spirituality, and more. He offers a new playbook built around his Seven Principles of Perseverance to help you discover and bring forth the bold, authentic, and compassionate man waiting to emerge from within you. Join him to learn:

  • How to take full responsibility for our shortcomings and successes
  • What it takes to discover your core values and become rigorous in honoring who you are in all circumstances
  • The keys to understanding yourself and others with clarity, connection, and respect
  • Why you need to risk failure and endure pain to serve your higher goals and personal growth
  • How to let go of your sense of what “should be” so you can act with wisdom and power in the present
  • Cultivating the courage to discard old identities and trust in the process of your evolution
The New Alpha Male is a gritty, straight-talking guide for any man who is ready to step up and become the sort of empowered, open-hearted leader our world needs.
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Lance Allred

About Lance Allred

Lance Allred was born legally deaf from Rh complications, and was raised in a polygamist commune in rural Montana before his family escaped when he was 13. A former NBA star, Lance is the author of four books, including Longshot. Lance is a sought-after speaker whose TEDx Talk, “What Is Your Polygamy?” has more than 4.5 million views. He has also been a leadership consultant for the FBI. He lives in Salt Lake City. For more, visit

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