The Reckoning

Why Are You Who You Are, and Who Can You Become?
CD - Preorder (Available May 30, 2023)
CD - Preorder
Available May 30, 2023
Audio Download - Preorder
Available May 30, 2023
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The Reckoning is a journey of awakening designed to help those in leadership roles cultivate a more conscious, compassionate, and complete version of themselves. 

To become a great leader—whether it’s at work, in your family, or in your community—you must first become a bigger human being. What that requires is the humility to challenge your fixed beliefs, biases, blind spots, certainties, fears, deeply ingrained habits, and self-justifications that invisibly stand in your way.

Over the course of seven in-depth audio sessions, Tony Schwartz and Kimberly Manns reckon with themselves and with each other. In the process, they offer a series of frameworks, awareness practices, and behavioral experiments designed to challenge your assumptions, deepen and widen your world, help you become more transparent to yourself and others, and integrate the different parts of you into a more fully human whole.

As you listen, you will discover an empowering new way of understanding the three separate selves that vie with one another for influence in your life: the Child Self, the Defender, and the Core Self. By acknowledging and honoring these distinct parts of yourself, you will be able to manage your energy more skillfully, grow your capacity to listen and absorb a variety of perspectives, and cultivate your greatest strengths.

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CD - Preorder (Available May 30, 2023) Audio Download - Preorder (Available May 30, 2023)
Contents CD (6 hours) Audio Download (6 hours)
Dimensions 6 7/8 x 6 5/8 inches
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ISBN Number 978-1-64963-162-6 978-1-64963-163-3
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Tony Schwartz

About Tony Schwartz

Tony Schwartz is the founder and CEO of The Energy Project, a consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations more skillfully manage their energy, so they can thrive in a world of relentlessly rising demand and complexity.

Kimberly Manns

About Kimberly Manns

Kimberly Manns is the CEO of H3Diversity, a consulting firm that enables leaders to bring their whole selves (head, heart, hands) to the cultivation and creation of inclusive leadership, inclusive teams, and inclusive organizations.

Author photo © Nick F Nelson