The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Volume 5

The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Volume 5

The Journey Within

Love, peace, and contentment are all inner experiences, free of external conditions. Here, we learn how every relationship and encounter in life can help us to let go of our dependence on external wants and achievements. In this unfettered state, we can then choose Spirit and enter the depths of the limitless Self.

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Michael A. Singer takes you on a voyage into the truth of love, freedom, and inner purpose
No matter where you go or what situation you find yourself in, you will always face a common element: yourself. Since that’s the case, why not get to know yourself—your true self—better?
In The Untethered Soul Lecture Series, Volume 5: The Journey Within, Michael A. Singer guides you on the most important voyage of your life: into the depths of your own limitless Self.
In this continuation of his series expanding on the principles of The Untethered Soul, Singer encourages you to acknowledge that the love, peace, and contentment you seek are actually inner experiences. Inviting you to move beyond dependence on the outer world, Singer suggests that every interaction and relationship in your life can serve to enhance your inner journey. Here Singer reveals a powerful truth: no matter your circumstances, no matter how dire your straits or overflowing your abundance, it’s always better to live with your heart wide open.
During this audio program, you will discover:
  • Love as a personal experience of upwelling positive energy
  • Why we look outward for what can only be found inside ourselves
  • Why unpleasant memories and past impressions sabotage present-moment happiness
  • The necessity of clearing out old emotional patterns and associated behaviors
  • Why true happiness arises from surrender
  • How to approach new situations as “an intern”—willing to do what needs to be done and learn from the experience
  • How we all interact with the world through our unique samskaras
  • The imperative of living with an open heart
  • How to commit yourself to the arising of shakti
  • Why there is no endpoint in spiritual evolution 
With straightforward clarity, Singer demonstrates how the path is about choosing Spirit first and then letting all of life assist you in your journey to freedom.




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Product Code AW06013D
ISBN Number 978-1-68364-646-4

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