The Vibration of Grace

Sound Healing Rituals for Liberation
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A sweeping, glorious guide to help you invoke the power of sound as a vehicle of love and liberation—for yourself, your loved ones, and our world. Sound healer gina Breedlove shares profound insights, heart-opening stories, and instruction for rituals and daily practices—including soul retrieval, grief letting, connecting with ancestors, and more.

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A sacred healing journey to awaken the boundless power of your words, thoughts, and voice. Includes guided audio practices.

“The medicine of Grace is sound,” says gina Breedlove. “Sound is an immediate point of entry to the mind, body, and spirit, and has been sourced as a healing modality since humans appeared on the earth.” With The Vibration of Grace, this extraordinary teacher and healer shares a sweeping, glorious guide to help you invoke the power of sound as a vehicle of love and liberation—for yourself and your loved ones, and in service to our world.

Guided by a sacred presence she has known all her life as Grace, Breedlove has spent decades exploring the many ways sound and vibration can enable us to grow, heal, and connect. Here she shares profound insights, heart-opening stories, and clear instruction for rituals and daily practices, including:

  • Identifying your soul tone—how to locate and work with the vibrational presence that is uniquely “you”
  • The language of healing—invoking the sacred energy of words to create, bless, and transform
  • Soul retrieval—a time-honored ritual to release stored fear and free up your energetic resources
  • Grief letting—powerful practices to witness, move through, and transform grief into healing energy, by yourself or in groups
  • Ways to overcome the cultural shaming that causes you to repress your voice and self-expression
  • Self-care tools, including daily sound rituals and medicine bath practices
  • Resources to support your journey—including links to Breedlove’s guided recordings for each ritual

The Vibration of Grace shows us the power of sound has no limit. We can use it to harmonize with the wisdom of our ancestors, communicate with our body and soul, resonate with divine truth that disrupts systems of tyranny, and add our strength to the chorus that sings of a new and better world to come.

“Let the space between us be open and blessed,” says gina Breedlove. “May your ancestors and mine guide us through each ritual, to a place of sovereignty and dominion over our lives.”

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Audio - Preorder (Available November 28, 2023)
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gina Breedlove

About gina Breedlove

gina Breedlove is a vocalist, composer, actor, and traditional sound healer from Brooklyn, New York. She created the program Vibration of Grace™: Healing Through Sound, helping thousands of people worldwide rediscover and deepen their power. gina’s performance credits include The Lion King stage musical, and she also tours performing her own work. As a recording artist, gina has created three original albums: Open HeartLanguage of Light, and The Star. Learn more at

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