The Warrior Goddess Training Program

Becoming the Woman You Are Meant to Be


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HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training, guides us through her book’s ten transformative lessons, taught here as she does in her live workshops. Includes a wealth of teachings, self-reflection, meditations, healing practices, ritual-building, and more.
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I am whole. I am powerful. I am divine. When you say these words, do you feel the weight of self-judgment and doubt? Or do you feel their truth ringing in your bones? 
“A Warrior Goddess,” teaches HeatherAsh Amara, “is one who dares to face her fears and doubts, claims the ancestral power that pulses through all women, and lives it with unstoppable purpose, energy, and compassion.”
With The Warrior Goddess Training Program, HeatherAsh Amara guides us through her book’s ten transformative lessons, enriched here with many new tools developed in her popular workshops.
This practice-intensive experience merges the Toltec values of fearless self-reflection and determination, Buddhist insights for finding clarity and presence, and Earth-based goddess principles of pleasure, creative play, and unconditional love. Each session engages us with teachings, questions for self-reflection, meditations and healing practices, ritual-building, and more.
The purpose? To release the “never good enough” beliefs that hold us back and to honor ourselves with every fiber of our being.


  1. Commit to you
  2. Align with life
  3. Purify your vessel
  4. Ground your being and free your past
  5. Energize your sexuality and creativity
  6. Claim your strength and ignite your will
  7. Open your heart
  8. Speak your truth
  9. Embody your wisdom
  10. Choose your path


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