Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic

Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic

How Trauma Works and How We Can Heal From It

After many years of medical practice, Dr. Paul Conti realized something truly alarming: many of his patients’ conditions were not only exacerbated by lifelong trauma, but caused by it. In Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic, Dr. Conti traces how trauma arises, why it’s important that it be treated as an international health crisis, and the possible antidotes to its spread.

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A Journey Toward Understanding, Active Treatment, and Societal Prevention of Trauma
Imagine, if you will, a disease—one that has only subtle outward symptoms but can hijack your entire body without notice, one that transfers easily between parent and child, one that can last a lifetime if untreated. According to Dr. Paul Conti, this is exactly how society should conceptualize trauma: as an out-of-control epidemic with a potentially fatal prognosis.
In Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic, Dr. Conti examines the most recent research, clinical best practices, and dozens of real-life stories to present a deeper and more urgent view of trauma. Not only does Dr. Conti explain how trauma affects the body and mind, he also demonstrates that trauma is transmissible among close family and friends, as well as across generations and within vast demographic groups.
With all this in mind, Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic proposes a course of treatment for the seemingly untreatable. Here, Dr. Conti traces a step-by-step series of concrete changes that we can make both as individuals and as a society to alleviate trauma’s effects and prevent further traumatization in the future.
You will discover:
  • The different post-trauma syndromes, how they are classified, and their common symptoms
  • An examination of how for-profit health care systems can inhibit diagnosis and treatment of trauma
  • How social crises and political turmoil encourage the spread of group trauma
  • Methods for confronting and managing your fears as they arise in the moment
  • How trauma disrupts mental processes such as memory, emotional regulation, and logical decision-making
  • The argument for a renewed humanist social commitment to mental health and wellness
It’s only when we understand how a disease spreads and is sustained that we are able to create its ultimate cure. With Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic, Dr. Conti reveals that what we once considered a lifelong, unbeatable mental illness is both treatable and preventable.




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