Inner Journey Home

These talks explore the journey described in Almaas's book, The Inner Journey Home.

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On the occasion of the publication of The Inner Journey Home, the magnum opus of his spiritual teaching, A.H. Almaas gave public talks to introduce the Diamond Approach® to a larger audience. Hearing these talks gives the listener a profound and fascinating insight into the nature of the human soul and spiritual reality. Provocative for newcomers and illuminating for current practitioners of the path, these presentations explore different aspects of the inner journey described in the book.

The Inner Journey Home

  1. Santa Cruz, CA Book Talk
  2. Berkeley, CA Book Talk

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Review for Inner Journey Home Review by joanne


I was really disappointed with this download, which apparently is a talk he gave during a book tour. I'd suggest reading his books -- my hope is the $18 will help support his teaching, and Sounds True too I guess. It really was a waste of money otherwise. (Posted on June 27, 2013)

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