Original Light
The Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga

Acclaimed devotional chant singer Snatam Kaur offers an accessible and comprehensive guide to the Kundalini Yoga’s five daily morning practices. An excellent introduction for anyone inspired by devotional chant, yoga, mantra, or the music of this luminary voice of the tradition.



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The Kundalini Yoga tradition speaks of a call to the Divine that awakens “The Original Light of the soul.” In gatherings across the globe, Snatam Kaur and her fellow musicians have shared that radiance through sacred chants. With Original Light, this beloved devotional singer guides us into the heart of the path, with the Aquarian Sādhanā as a foundation to understand the tradition's daily principals, morning practices, and sacred chanting experiences.

Kundalini, the universal life force, has for centuries been shrouded in misconception and lore. Many of us have heard of it, yet to directly experience it may seem unimaginable. But in fact, Snatam Kaur assures us that, through Kundalini Yoga, the capacity to experience it is within all of us—a natural and limitless source of physical health, stillness, joy, energetic strength, and loving connection with others and all of creation.

Original Light was written for those seeking a compassionate and supportive guide to creating a vibrant and sustainable daily spiritual practice. Here, Snatam shares with honesty and gentle humor her own stories, challenges, “aha” moments, and many practical pointers gained from her lifelong journey in what she calls “soul work.”

Readers first explore the philosophy and foundational principles of Kundalini Yoga as taught by its founder Yogi Bhajan, and then learn the five morning practices of the Aquarian Sādhanā, including:

  • The Wake-Up Routine—establishing a sacred space, bathing and purification, healthy diet and elimination guidelines, and more
  • Jap Jī—from 15th-century sage and founder of the Sikh tradition, Gurū Nānak, this sacred recitation is both a map and a direct expression of our union with the Divine
  • Kundalini Yoga Kriyas—nine energizing posture and movement sets for creating a somatic space for your spirit
  • Aquarian Sādhanā Mantras—seven devotional chants as the sun rises to open the doors of liberation and experience bliss and ecstasy through sacred sound
  • Gateway to Divinity—the closing transition stage that integrates your own spiritual tradition and helps you to focus your energies and set your intentions for the day ahead


For those of all faiths, Original Light provides an ideal introduction and resource to improve our health, find greater freedom and stillness within, and illuminate each moment of the day.

Includes two CDs of guided chants and practices with Snatam Kaur.



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Hardcover Book and CD

Contents 1 Hardcover book (281 pages); 2 CDs (1 hour, 44 minutes)
Date Published April 01, 2016
ISBN-10 1-62203-597-6
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-597-7
Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
Product Code BD04669D


Contents 1 eBook (281 pages)
Filetypes PDF
Date Published April 01, 2016
ISBN-10 1-62203-636-0
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-636-3
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