Chapter 2: Working with Your Energy

Temporal Tap

Chapter 3: The Five Elements

Starfish Connection

Chapter 4: Foundation Practices and the Essential Energy Medicine Yoga Practice

Essential EMYoga Practice

Alternate Wake Up

Chapter 5: Water

Wake Up

Spinal Flush

Blowing Out the Candle

Child’s Pose Weaving Heaven

Seated Cortisol Breath

Cortisol Thread Thru

Moving Bridge

Supported Shoulder Stand with Electrics

Chapter 6: Wood

Wake Up

Bladder 1 Lift to Chair Pose

Yin-Yang Meridian Clear

Chair with Penetrating Flow

Connecting Heaven and Earth

Expelling the Venom

Tree to Warrior 1 to Warrior 3

EMYoga Eagle

Slow Sit-Ups with Hook Up

Chapter 7: Fire

Wake Up

Belt Flow

Snake Dog

Flapping the Abdominal Wall

Aura Fluff Out, Fluff In

EMYoga Haka

Bringing Down the Flame

Slow Sit-Ups with Hook Up

Fish with Chakra Clear

Pranayama: Kapalabhati

Brazilian Toe Technique

Chapter 8: Earth

Wake Up

Squat to Stand

Belt Flow with Spleen Up

Ileocecal/Houston Valve Clear

Horse with Nauli—Stomach Churn

Cradling the Baby

Chapter 9: Metal

Wake Up

Slow Sit-Ups with Hook Up

Hands Clench Jaw Shake

Human Touching Divine

Fish with Chakra Clear

Chapter 10: Ayurveda and Diet