Angels and Archangels

Angels and Archangels

A Magician's Guide

“Angel magick works. Always. I’ve never found any other form of magick that comes close,” teaches Damien Echols. With Angels and Archangels, this bestselling author combines his unique blend of hard-won experience and scholarship to provide a lucid and practical set of tools for working with these timeless forces for divine wisdom and healing power.

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Call on the power of angels to shape your life and accelerate your spiritual practice.

"Angels do not belong to any one single religion, system, or dogma," teaches Damien Echols. "They are almost pure energy—the very substance the cosmos is made of. They're also incredibly willing to work with us if asked." With the unabridged audio of Angels and Archangels, this bestselling author presents an essential resource for understanding what angels are, how they make themselves available, and magickal practices to invoke their power to transform your life.

An Essential Resource for Every Magickal Library 

For the magician—or anyone seeking to enlist helping forces on the path of awakening—invoking angels and archangels gives you access to incredible potential for manifestation, healing, and spiritual growth. In this lucid and information-packed guide, Damien shares his unique understanding and experience of magickal practices refined in the crucible of his wrongful death row imprisonment. Here you'll discover:

  • The importance of angels and archangels in the world's mystical traditions
  • The angels associated with each of the elements, the zodiac signs, the Tree of Life, and every card of the tarot
  • How to call on angels for blessing, protection, invocation, and more
  • Advanced angel magick rituals, including the Rose Cross, the Celestial Lotus, and the Shem Operation
  • The Holy Guardian Angel—the key for moving beyond ego consciousness

As we work with the intelligences we call angels, we gradually align our will with the universal will, moving in greater harmony with the source of all creation and assisting in the spiritual evolution of all humanity.
The ultimate goal of working with angels is to become one ourselves.
That's what people actually are—unconscious angels.
Damien Echols





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ISBN Number 978-1-68364-302-9

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