Art Can Heal Your Life

Techniques for Self-Healing through the Creative Process
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Discover our capacity to heal through such simple acts as speaking, drawing, and moving.
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How art heals is a mystery as old as civilization itself. To the first shamans, no remedy was more important than the medicine of the imagination. Now you can learn to access this natural medicine and explore your own soul's capacity for self-healing with Shaun McNiff's Art Can Heal Your Life.

For the past 30 years, artist and art therapist Shaun McNiff has worked in this same tradition, seeking ways to engage the healing energy that exists within art, and building a case for a new “therapy of the imagination” that today is practiced worldwide. The making of art, McNiff teaches, can serve as the “foundation of a revolutionary and pragmatic treatment” for our psychic ills. On Art Can Heal Your Life, he explains how this discipline allows your imagination to actually treat itself, through an innate process as simple as speaking, drawing, and moving.

In easy-to-follow language, McNiff guides you through the key principles of his pioneering methods—from choosing materials and getting started, to interpreting and dialoguing with the images you create, to using movement, sound, and writing to build on your expressive resources. No special skills or techniques are required, just a mind open to the mystery contained within the healing images you create yourself.

The medicine you need to heal is as close and abundant as your own imagination. Return now to this timeless tradition for self-healing through creative expression, with Art Can Heal Your Life.

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