Eckhart Tolle on Great Western Classics

Reflections on the Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Thomas a Kempis, and Plutarch
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Here, Eckhart discusses the perennial wisdom and practical guidance offered in five of his favorite books, written by individuals that he considers some of the earliest pioneers of a new level of human consciousness.
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Eckhart Tolle Shares the Timeless Teachings and Practical Wisdom of Five Classic Works 

Why is that some books remain relevant hundreds of years after they were first written? “Powerful books are more than simply books,” teaches Eckhart Tolle. “They are living energy fields that correspond with and open us to the state of consciousness in which they were written.”

In Eckhart Tolle on Great Western Classics, Eckhart shares from his personal bookshelf five works he holds dear to his heart and continues to turn to for guidance and inspiration. “Because they speak to the human condition—to each one of us—these writings have survived through the ages to offer practical wisdom about how to live sanely in the world,” he explains.

Join Eckhart as he brings to life the words and teachings of those he considers some of the earliest “flowers” of the awakening new consciousness, in five entertaining and informative talks including:

• “Eckhart on Emerson”—Eckhart reads and comments on passages from the collected essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson

• “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius—discover the contemplations of the Roman Emperor with an extraordinary understanding of our shared human joys and sorrows

• “The Wisdom of Epictetus”—Eckhart explores the teachings of the former slave and Stoic philosopher who pointed to the contents of our thoughts as the source of suffering

• “The Imitation of Christ”—the path to spiritual awakening, as revealed by the 14th-century mystic Thomas à Kempis

• “On Contentment: An Essay by Plutarch”—a timeless teaching on unblocking the obstacles to the inner peace that is everyone’s birthright

Whether you’re familiar with these perennial gems or hearing about them for the first time, Eckhart Tolle on Great Western Classics is a uniquely engaging learning experience with the bestselling author and teacher.

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About Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is widely recognized as one of the most inspiring and visionary spiritual teachers in the world today. With his international bestsellers The Power of Now and A New Earth—translated into more than 50 languages—he has introduced millions to the joy and freedom of living life in the present moment. The New York Times has described him as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States,” and in 2011, Watkins Review named him “the most spiritually influential person in the world.”