iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion

An 8-Week Online Intensive to Accelerate Mind-Body Healing & Spiritual Awakening
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With ancient yoga traditions adapted for modern life, this eight-part course offers an accessible, effective path of meditation that can help you experience greater well-being, heal past trauma, improve sleep, and more. Dr. Richard Miller, founder of iRest® Yoga Nidra, leads this empirically researched program for health, resilience, and spiritual awakening.

This special offer includes a 30-day free membership to Sounds True One for new members. Enjoy transformative teachings, live classes, guided meditations, community events, and more with the leading wisdom teachers of our time.

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Access life-changing practices for vibrant health, personal empowerment, and inner transformation. During this eight-part online course led by Dr. Richard Miller, a spiritual teacher, author, yogic scholar, clinical psychologist, and the founder of iRest® Yoga Nidra, you’ll learn a simple yet profound practice for connecting with your essential nature and innate sense of unbreakable well-being. 

No matter what your circumstances are—what trauma, addiction, or hardship has plagued your past—iRest can bring you back in touch with that part of you that is always safe, whole, and perfect. When you live from this place, you experience life in a different way. Personal empowerment, creativity, and resilience arise naturally, along with your spiritual unfolding. 

Based on ancient yoga traditions and adapted for modern life, iRest is an accessible and effective path of meditation developed over decades of practice, study, and research. Over the years, iRest has helped veterans and victims of human trafficking truly overcome their post-traumatic stress (PTS) and reclaim their lives. It has helped longtime yogis and meditators access even greater spiritual awakening. The program has helped others with resolving chronic pain, healing from addiction, getting off medication, shedding unhealthy patterns, enjoying more clarity and creativity, processing grief, and accessing profound states of oneness.

The iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion program is designed to bring you in-depth teachings wherever you are, whenever you need them. When you sign up, you’ll receive lifetime access to the complete online video curriculum, along with journaling prompts, support materials, guided meditations and practices, as well as two exclusive bonus gifts.

It’s your opportunity to reset your nervous system for more vibrant health, heal physical and emotional trauma, and open to your most fulfilling and meaningful life.

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One-Time Payment Three Monthly Payments
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Richard Miller

About Richard Miller

Richard Miller, PhD, is a master of yoga and meditation who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology. Recognized as a leading authority on the practice of Yoga Nidra, he has founded and cofounded several key organizations including the International Association of Yoga Therapy, the Institute for Spirituality and Psychology, and the Integrative Restoration Institute. Currently he is helping research the efficacy of iRest, a healing technique Miller developed based on Yoga Nidra with diverse populations. He lectures and teaches this method across the globe.