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A Soul's Journey to Becoming Human
Hardcover Book
Hardcover Book
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“This book is about a woman reclaiming her own soul, who happens to have once been the daughter of Jesus and Magdalene,” writes Sera Beak. With Redvelations, a courageous Harvard-trained scholar presents a memoir that will challenge your mind, but ignite your soul. Redvelations dives deep into the experience of being human and inspires us all to discover and live our soul’s truth: “What awaits in your depths is more glorious, wise, and powerful than anything outside of you.”
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Sharing your truth with the world is rarely easy, especially when it contradicts history and a major world religion. But truth, much like love, can’t stay buried forever.
Redvelations is my story of remembering and reclaiming Sarah, the forgotten daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as the lost part of my own soul.
If your eyebrows have raised, I understand. Your doubts and disbelief are well-warranted, and you’re welcome to interpret my story however you wish. What’s more important than believing in my soul’s reality is believing in your soul’s reality. Above all else, this book champions the importance of recovering and embodying the lost parts of your soul so you can become fully human, wildly alive, and contribute to the well-being of this planet.
I hope my soul’s journey reminds you to trust your unique journey, cherish the entire human experience, and share your soul’s truth—no matter what others think.
This book is an unorthodox offering, a fiery reminder, and a living testament. But most of all, Redvelations is my heart smashed onto pages. Handle with care.
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In her remarkable spiritual memoir Red Hot & Holy (Sounds True, 2013), Sera Beak told the story of how she lost and found her soul as a modern woman. With Redvelations, Sera ventures further down the soul path, revealing her unorthodox experiences of the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the undeniable power of the soul that this forgotten figure brings to life.

By transparently sharing her soul’s journey, Sera illuminates our common struggles in an uncommon way and explores one of the most profound spiritual mysteries: Why do souls incarnate? Why does something that is perfect and whole choose to enter an imperfect world where it can be wounded, shattered, and betrayed?

As Sera reveals, our souls choose the adventure of embodiment so we may learn about the strength that can only come from vulnerability, the love that can only grow in the presence of heartbreak, and the achingly beautiful gift of being fully human.

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Brave and Necessary

It requires an almost incomprehensible amount of courage to share a story like this that you know will generate controversy and scorn from some. Her courage inspires me and helps me inch a little closer to telling my own soul's story.

I hope readers will lay aside the mind and read this book through the eyes of the soul because the mind will not, cannot, understand these kinds of experiences. I hope it reaches the ones it was meant for. I am such a one and it found me.

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