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Optimize Your Brain for Enhanced Health, Resilience, High-Performance, and Inner Peace
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Learn from 25 leading experts in the fields of neuroscience and functional medicine during The Brain Change Summit. The brain is capable of much more than we've ever imagined. Regardless of age, injuries, or traumas—a better brain is possible. Join us to learn actionable tips and practices to transform your life or the lives of your clients.
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As neuroscience research has exploded, what we know about the brain now is light-years beyond what we knew only 10 years ago. This information can transform your life, your health, your mood, and your memory. And, if you're a mental health practitioner or a coach, this information can change the lives of your clients.

The Brain Change Summit brings together 25 visionary brain experts to share their learnings with you. Hosted by clinical psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein and Sounds True producer Kriste Peoples, the summit is your opportunity to explore the most impactful, leading-edge discoveries in the field of neuroscience—with a particular focus on how these findings apply to our day-to-day lives. 

You’ll gain actionable tips and accessible practices for:

  • Better Health: Enhance the mind-body connection, increase vitality, and improve cognitive abilities
  • Inner Peace and Meditation: Expand your awareness and explore new states of consciousness
  • Resilience: Find new strength for everyday challenges, major transitions, and trauma recovery
  • Lifelong Well-Being: Prevent disease and cognitive decline with holistic strategies and a therapeutic lifestyle
  • More Joy: Rewire your brain to release negative patterns and embrace a more positive future
  • More Compassion: Cultivate a deeper, more compassionate understanding of yourself and others

When you purchase the Brain Change Summit, you’ll have lifetime access to all the video sessions and transcripts, downloadable materials, presenter gifts, guided meditations, additional resources, and much more!

The brain is capable of much more than we've ever imagined—and it's never too late to change. The Brain Change Summit is your chance to learn more.

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