The Seeker's Guide

Previously published as The New American Spirituality
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How a new spiritual path is emerging as world traditions meet in the American melting pot.
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An Omega Institute Cofounder Explores the Spiritual Landscape of America
A Sounds True Classic

“America has given birth to a wisdom tradition entirely its own,” says author Elizabeth Lesser, “a spirituality that is as diverse as its people, and that respects the freedom and uniqueness of each individual.” Judeo-Christian traditions and the meditation practices of Asia and India…modern science and Native American teachings…Sufism and transpersonal psychology—The Seeker's Guide explores what happens when these and other traditions cohabitate our unique cultural landscape.

With the gifts of such diversity, says Lesser, come important questions. Is it wise to combine different schools of thought, practices, and therapies? How do we assess the authenticity of a teacher or therapist? Is our spiritual practice really working? How can we tell? On The Seeker's Guide, Elizabeth Lesser speaks to these questions with clarity and passion, weaving stories of her own trials and errors, with detailed guidelines to help us find a path of our own. Includes a 60-minute mindfulness and heartfulness meditation.

Topics: the union of psychology and mysticism, the return of the body in spiritual life, universal skills for inner exploration, modern America and the landscape of soul, and much more.

Note: Previously published as The New American Spirituality.

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