The Singing Cure

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Twenty step-by-step exercises to reclaim your voice as a powerful force for living fully.
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When Sigmund Freud developed his revolutionary model for psychological treatment, he called it “the talking cure.” Freud embraced the ancient Greek concept of catharsis, while ignoring how it was originally practiced: through the expression of extreme vocal sounds, which resembled songs more than words. On The Singing Cure, vocal researcher Paul Newham presents the only professional training course in therapeutic singing. Through therapeutic singing, Paul Newham teaches, you can reach deeply into your psyche, and bring all dimensions of your self into consciousness and integration.Every sub-personality you have—every emotion you feel—has its own voice. Yet so often in childhood, we are silenced by the bully, by the teacher, or by other traumatic experiences.The voice thus becomes a rigid mask that is difficult to remove. The Singing Cure presents a complete course in Voice Movement TherapyTM, a system for removing this mask through singing and vocal exercises. Paul Newham calls this process “an archaeology of the soul” that can help anyone express the many aspects of the self through singing. Utilizing simple exercises adapted from many vocal healing traditions, including indigenous cultures, Newham helps you break down your voice into its key ingredients. Step by step, you use sounds and songs to investigate who you are and how you feel, and to express yourself to the world with confidence and clarity.
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Contents Digital Audio (9 hours, 44 minutes)
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Paul Newham

About Paul Newham

Paul Newham has earned an international reputation as a pioneer for his innovative contributions to multiple disciplines, from cognitive psychology to interfaith spirituality, which span three decades. His research into how we hurt and how we heal, which synthesizes the rigor of scientific inquiry with the enigmas of contemplative inquiry, is widely cited as authoritative. The therapeutic and educational techniques he has developed are used by clinicians and educators worldwide to help the most vulnerable among us overcome extreme challenge and pursue a life of authentic empowerment.
Through his work, Paul has labored tirelessly to find cohesion and connection between seemingly disparate cultural perspectives. He has travelled extensively across all continents, seeking original sources of wisdom and compiling sacred texts that reveal the themes of a universal insight. Meanwhile, at home in the laboratory, he has analyzed how the mind and brain sometimes behold and at other times lose all semblance of such insight, as we face an increasingly stressful world often at odds with our search for peace.