The Vein of Gold I

The Kingdom of Story
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The author of The Artist's Way leads a pilgrimage to the essence of the creative spirit.
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Julia Cameron's national bestseller The Artist's Way showed how anyone can break out of our culture's "anti–art" conditioning and reclaim creativity as a vital part of daily life. But after the creative life is re-established, what is the way to its fullest potential? The Vein of Gold I: The Kingdom of Story, is Julia Cameron's step-by-step exploration into the deeper dimension of your creativity—the priceless work of art that you live every day.

Locked in your heart, Cameron teaches, is a "vein of gold"—the unique creative energy each of us brings into the world. Using dozens of autobiographical exercises, Cameron leads listeners on an "interior pilgrimage" where you rediscover and refine this vital essence of the creative spirit. Join this award-winning screenwriter, poet, and bestselling author as she shares new self-teaching exercises to heal, inspire, and energize your everyday world. "The vein of gold, once discovered, will not make you rich," Cameron says, "for you are already rich." You need only mine the treasure waiting within your own heart—your own vein of gold. With music by Tim Wheater.

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Julia Cameron

About Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron is the author of the national bestselling book, The Artist's Way. An award winning writer and director, she has created feature films, movies of the week and episodic television, six full-length plays, and hundreds of articles and stories for national publications ranging from Rolling Stone to Vogue to the New York Times. Julia Cameron's current focus is music and sound healing. Her most recent work, Avalon, is a musical based on the Arthurian legend and set in modern times.